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James Casey joins AXIS Foils R&D Team

AXIS Foils Team Rider James Casey

We’re excited to announce that James Casey is joining the AXIS Team as a team rider and a member of the R&D group, with key focus on the Downwind Prone & tow foil development programmes. 

James Casey (aka the "Messiah" among the tow foil circles) is based in Sydney, Australia. As a Molokai 2 Oahu Champion, longer downwind racing is obviously where his passion lies. No slouch in waves, he has a runner up finish to his name at the Sunset Beach Pro. When the waves are on, look out for Jimmy to be among the top contenders. In the past few years, he has turned his attention to foiling, where prone and downwind foiling are his true passions, dedicating some of his time to The Casey Catch Up, his podcast for all things downwind foiling. He has started sharing the stoke through his online Coach Casey Club platform reaching foil frothers all over the world and helping them achieve their goals. In terms of foiling achievements, he has foiled over 100km from Busselton to Mandurah to raise money following the devastating bushfires in 2020 and 120km just for fun in 2021 from Bass Point (Shell Harbour) to Mona Vale (Sydney). He has also pioneered a new way to downwind foil using a Wing as the chip in (Australian for getting started) and then deflating it while up on foil. To go back upwind or chip in again after a fall he reinflates using a pump or a CO2 canister whilst on water. James Casey is a pioneer in foiling and worldwide respected as someone who is helping grow the sport of foiling.


AXIS Foils Team Rider James Casey
Top Achievements
Molokai 2 Oahu Champion 2019
5 x  Australian Champion 2016/2018/2019
12 Towers Beach Race Champion 2021
APP World Tour SUP Surf Runner Up 2016
Fair Haven Classic Line Honours (Foil) 2018
The Doctor Foil Runner Up 2019
Foil for the Fires 100km 2020
120km Downwind Foil (Bass Point to Mona Vale) 2021
Deflate/Reinflate Downwinder Pioneer 2021

What will James be working on with AXIS Foils

James and AXIS will be working together in the Downwind foil development program, bringing to the market foils specifically designed for both racing as well to provide a better experience for all riders in all conditions. 
James, as a member of the AXIS Foils R&D team, will also focus on foils designed to attack all size waves for day to day conditions and towing.

What’s his favourite AXIS gear for each discipline
So far my favourite wing is the ART 899 especially when we get good Downwind conditions paired with the progressive 350 it is the fastest and surfiest foil going in my opinion.
The 899 is good in the surf too but I have been switching out with the HPS 830 when it is a little smaller for a bit slower speeds.
On the flatter days and light wind Downwind or winging I’m loving the ART1099. Crazy good glide and for its span great turning too.

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