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AXIS Complete Foil kits are an easy way to choose your AXIS foil, without the hassles of trying to understand everything about foiling. We spent the time to put together a few foil configurations, to help you choose your ideal setup. If you are a beginner who is looking for the first foiling setup, or an accomplished foiler who is looking to fine tune their ride, you can find what you are looking for in our packages. So here are some options for you for using a hydrofoil to surf, SUP, downwind, pump, wake, wind, kite or free foiling.

On all AXIS foils, the front wings, rear wings and components are interchangeable*. You can keep on adding different size masts, front wings, rear wings or fuselages as your style and skill level evolve. The modular design, stiffness of each component and overall engineering make AXIS Foils the ultimate foil for any style of riding. (* - Black Fuselages are only compatible with specific front wings, SES Packages also have modularity restrictions, so see each rig page for more details)

AXIS Foils Wing Surfer