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Black Fuselages

When we started designing our next generation wing collection, we realized that the 2021 high performance wings required their own style fuselage. We felt that whoever wants to ride fast, wouldn't want to compromise on the wing design and fairing of their high performance wings, just to have them compatible with their existing fuselages. 

Higher performance foil sections with lower camber, different profile, and narrower chord, have resulted to thinner wings, where the connection to the fuselage is smaller. 

The Black fuselage accommodates the HPS and the smaller BSC wings, giving the right connection and rigidity to these faster foil sections.
The length of the Black fuselage is modified to position the front wings to the perfect spot for each size fuselage

Double check your front wing compatibility, only certain wings work with the Black fuselages.  Any rear wing can be used on any fuselage.

Red or Black Fuselage?

Black Fuselage
Precision engineered for our super thin HPS wings, but also suitable for the smaller sizes in our PNG wings. Compatible with both our Aluminium and Carbon series masts. Available in Standard, Short, Ultrashort, Crazy Short and Windsurf sizes. Go longer for stability, shorter for manoeuvrability.

AXIS Foils Black Fuselage