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The ultimate all-rounder, and the place to start your foiling journey.

Making use of a foil section with a high stall angle means BSC’s  operates well at slow speeds, so will be forgiving when you make a mistake gybing on a Wind foil or Wing foil. It will also get you up easily and keep you foiling when surfing slow or weak waves.

The result is a foil that has an incredibly wide range of operation – the ultimate all-rounder. One day you could be foiling tiny waves on your SUP, the next you could be screaming across the harbour with a hand wing, all on the same foil.

The BSC 810  is a very popular prone foil, while the 1060 is the foil of choice for first season wing foilers. BSC is the go-to for SUP foiling too. If you want to wing and SUP foil with one setup, the BSC will be the ideal choice.

BSC foils are ideally matched with our Freeride Small, Freeride, Progressive rear wing ranges.