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AXIS Foils Aluminium Masts

About this Collection


450mm, 600mm, 680mm, 750mm, 820mm, 900mm, 1050mm

AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions. We designed our masts for 2021 to give our foilers a very direct feeling to their foil which is critical for foiling. 

We even sourced our own high quality aluminium and bought tons of it, to ensure we only have the highest quality raw materials for our foils. Our aluminium masts are 224% stiffer than the 15mm thick masts (most other foils on the market). It's even stiffer than any other carbon mast on the market today. This gives you more control and fast input from your feet to the front wing.

1050mm - mostly used for big swell downwinders or for more aggressive riding and speed with kite foiling.

900mm - is the choice of big wave enthusiasts and tow-ins. It's also the choice of downwinder pros when competing in open ocean swell. The AXIS 900mm mast is the main size mast for wing surfers, wind foilers and kite foilers (K-Series), when they reach they are are not beginners any longer.

750mm - is mostly used on bigger surf, downwinders and more advanced riding with the S-Series foil, wing surfer or as a surfy option for the K-Series foil (Kite Foiling).

680mm - is the most common foil mast length for prone surf foiling and all round SUP.  If there is one size mast for SUP, prone surf, or wake foiling, the 68cm mast will be your choice, and its also great for wing surfing

600mm - is the most common mast that you will start putting hours on. You will ride it for a while before you move up to a taller mast, when you SUP, Surf, Downwind, Wake or Kite. Some riders might never need a taller mast, depending on their style, local conditions or discipline or riding.

450mm - is ideal for your first flights, while you are learning how to start to foil. Most riders spend only a few hours or less on the shortest foil mast we make (45cm) before they graduate to the longer foil masts.

AXIS 16mm masts are available in the same lengths and are best suited for wings 750 and smaller. They're a great balance of stiff and thin. 16mm AXIS Fuselage Adapter/Doodad required, as well as 16mm mast plate.