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19mm Aluminium 82cm Foil Mast
19mm Aluminium 82cm Foil Mast

19mm Aluminium 82cm Foil Mast

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Designed for our entire foil line, the AXIS masts are stiff, strong, and ready for any use and conditions. We designed our masts for 2021 to give our foilers a very direct feeling to their foil which is critical for foiling. We even sourced our own high quality aluminium and bought tons of it, to ensure we only have the highest quality raw materials for our foils. Our 19mm masts are 224% stiffer than the 15mm thick masts (most other foil companies use). It's even stiffer than any other carbon mast on the market today. This gives you more control and fast input from your feet to the front wing.

Do you find the 750mmm just a bit too short for your local spot, but the 900mm is a bit too long? Then the 820mm is certainly the right length for you. 
Perfect for higher performance riding on Surf, tow-in, Downwind, Wake, Pump, SUP, Wing or Kite. 

Other mast sizes available:

  • 450mm (15.7 inches),
  • 600mm (23.6 inches),
  • 680mm (26.6 inches),
  • 750mm (29.5 inches),
  • 1050mm (41.3 inches)

    Click on the corresponding links if you need a 19mm Base Plate for your mast to board connection or a Doodad to connect your mast to your fuselage. 

    Need screws for your foil? Here are some options:
    Stainless Screwset and Toolset
    Titanium Screwset and Toolset

    Want to protect your mast from the elements?
    Add mast and base plate cover

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