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SUP Coil Waist Leash 8' v2
SUP Coil Waist Leash 8' v2

SUP Coil Waist Leash 8' v2

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Elevate your water experience with the technologically advanced AXIS 8' Coiled Waist Leash. Perfectly fitting for all sizes, with options for S/M (waists up to 30 inches) and L/XL (28 inches and above), this leash boasts a comfortable, custom fit thanks to its heavyweight webbing and soft, padded neoprene-wrapped edges. With a full 8 feet of length, the leash keeps excess from getting in your way and allows for seamless movement. The red color-coded pull loops offer easy release and fitting, and the attachment loops provide convenient attachment points for your wing leash or accessories. The heavy-duty 8mm urethane-coated leash delivers reduced drag in water and features a Velcro strap for effortless tightening. Make a statement with the eye-catching resin/hi-viz logo. Upgrade to the AXIS 8' Coiled Waist Leash today.

* Heavy Duty 8mm Urethane coated leash
* Less Drag in Water
* Soft Padded neoprene-wrapped edges on the interior of the belt
* Velcro for ease of tightening/releasing
* 8' long
* Colour-coded pull loops for easy fitting and release.
* Attachment loops for hand wing and accessories.
* Resin / hi-viz logo



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