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Getting started

Our riders tell us their perfect combination for an 80kg/176lbs rider is the 1060 BSC (Broad Spectrum Carve) front foil, the Freeride 440/90 rear foil, the Short fuselage and the 75 aluminium mast. This combination is stable, easy to lift and very forgiving, but still a rewarding performer.

Pimping your ride

Once you’re foiling confidently, you may want to transition to a longer Aluminium (82, 90, 105) or Carbon (860, 960) mast to minimise the foils breaching the surface in rougher water or swells, and a smaller rear wing from the Freeride Small range. Alternatively, you may choose to blast straight into the new world that is HPS, ART and Progressive and Speed rear wings.

Maximising performance with HPS and ART wings

If you feel the need for speed, you’ll want to upgrade to our HPS (High Performance Speed) front wings as soon as you’re foiling confidently. Fast, yet still easy to ride, these foils are addictive. They will take a solid pumping technique to get foiling (or a couple of extra knots of wind) but once up, you’ll stay foiling through lulls, tacks and gybes. Such is their exceptional glide. Match the speed of these front foils with a low drag rear wing from either the Progressive or Speed range. Note that the reduced chord and lower camber of the HPS foils require a switch to the Black fuselage. You could stay on the short length, or more advanced riders looking for a looser turning (but less pitch stable) feel can go to the Ultrashort fuselage.

Please note this a guide only. Experienced windsurfers, kite foilers or uber athletes may choose to jump straight to our HPS foils after taking lessons or using hire gear for their first half dozen sessions.

Need some extra advice?
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