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We’ve loved receiving feedback from every corner of the world about which of our foils are working best for prone riders. And with such huge variances in wave intensity – from North Sea wind swells to Tahitian reef breaks – it’s not surprising our riders’ favourite foils vary too.

Our PNG (Pump and Glide) wings, as the name suggests, are superb for pumping back out to get on the next swell, and are ideal for smaller, weaker wave conditions. BSC (Broad Spectrum Carve) wings are faster, so suit waves of moderate intensity, but require a little more pumping effort. Pair these with our Speed or Progressive rear wings.

The HPS (High Performance Speed) wings are also making their mark in prone surfing.Their extra speed is well suited to more powerful and hollow surf, but even in average conditions riders are finding their low stall speed allows them to come out of a tight turn and keep on the foil. Pumpability is somewhere between the PNG and BSC foils.

SP (Surf Performance) wings remain a favourite for weak or barely breaking surf, with their v-shape providing surfboard like carving. However pumping is not as easy as the models above.
Finally, our new high aspect ART range. The low drag, long glide of these wings is seeing advanced riders with thighs of steel continuously linking waves together for over 30 minutes!


Our ‘whip-in’ community loves the strength and stiffness of their AXIS foil kit for its solid, dependable ride in critical situations. Our HPS (High Performance Speed) wings are the popular choice for waves of consequence. Their low camber and thinner foil keep them turning freely yet predictably at high speed, while providing the pace to make (or outrun) fast, heavy sections. For smaller or weaker waves, SP (Surf Performance) or the smaller BSC (Broad Spectrum Carve) foils are the go-to.

Check out the preferred sizes for each range in this table. Because you’re already up and foiling behind a boat or ski, wing size will mostly depend on wave size. The bigger the wave, the smaller the foil, to control lift and maximise your carving.