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AXIS Foils SUP Foiling


Like the prone foiling guide, selecting your foil style will depend on the intensity of the waves you surf, but with bigger wing sizing to support the increased weight of the boards. How you prioritise turning over speed and pumpability may also influence your choice.

A number of our front wings work beautifully for SUP. Pump and Glide (PNG) front wings provide the ultimate pumpability and glide for linking together multiple waves. Broad Spectrum Carve (BSC) provide more speed while still being easy lifting, while HPS wings provide all the speed you need for bigger waves.

Freeride 400/90 and the Speed 420/60 are the most popular choices for rear wings, and the new Progressive 400/65 is sure to be a hit too. To really loosen things up for tighter turning on small slow waves, try the Freeride Small 370/80.

Starting out we recommend the Short fuselage, then progress to the Crazyshort to really spice up your turns.

Evan’s (Axis CEO) dream set up for SUP. PNG850, Crazyshort fuselage, Progressive 400/65 rear wing and the 860 carbon mast.

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