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Foiling is the new way to enjoy lakes and inland waterways and it’s taking the world by storm. Whether you’re dock launching  or letting go of the rope behind a ski boat, AXIS will help you maximise your fun.

Re-known US foiler Devon @WakeThief tried more than 30 different hydrofoils before declaring the  AXIS PNG 1150 front wing the ultimate pump and wake wing. Its large area and unique high camber foil shape allows  a rider to take off at low speeds, while the high aspect, low drag shape allows it to glide great  distances, even for larger riders. Pump time of over five minutes has been recorded with this wing!

Following hours of testing Devon has settled on the 750mm x 19mm mast, short fuselage and 460/60 Pump range rear wing as the perfect compliments to his PNG 1150.

This combination allows Devon  to dock start and pump around the lake connecting multiple boat wakes to create an endless lake surfing experience.

When you pair this set up with a shorter, low volume board, the energy needed to pump the foil is reduced because the shorter, lighter boards experience less inertia (“swing weight”) while pumping.

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