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AXIS K-Series featuring Carbon foilboards, Carbon race boards. AXIS K-Series Carbon Foil wings, foil masts and mounts.

Make sure to check out the AXIS Build Your Own Foil K-Series and Build Your Own Foil K S-Series packages.

The AXIS K-Series Foil is the ideal foil for freeride kite riding. Leveraging the S-Series construction, the K-Series is incredible strong, stiff, and responsive under your feet. Each component is rigid, and connected strongly, creating a foil system that will transfer your input from your feet must quicker and with stability. When we compared our newly designed mast (19mm thickness) to other masts on the market (15mm thick), we found that our mast is 224% stiffer. A huge improvement in feel and performance. You need to ride our foils to feel the difference. 

For K-Series Parts and Accessories such as screws and bolts, tools, footstraps, bags, covers and tef-gel, check here.