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Tray v3 Carbon Foilboard 94
Tray v3 Carbon Foilboard 94
Tray v3 Carbon Foilboard 94

Tray v3 Carbon Foilboard 94

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The AXIS Tray foilboards are built thin, but not razor thin. They are made from high density 20mm thick of solid PVC foam vacuum formed around a mold. Because the core is solid foam there is no chance to the core to take on water. Equipped with tracks so you can adjust the position of your foil to the right spot. 


Built light and strong, with PVC core, and hand laminated with 2 layers of carbon cloth top and bottom, plus extra reinforcement around the tracks.


Boards have inserts set up for either two in-line straps or an in-line at the back and Vee at the front


AXIS Tray Carbon 94 is designed with the intermediate and advanced kite foiling riders in mind.

footstrap inserts
product code
940mm (37”)
460mm (18.1”)

Available Spring 2022


These guides are meant to serve as suggestions, riders adjust to their abilities. AXIS Foils assumes no responsibility for misuse of equipment outside of suggested guidelines.  

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