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K-Series Fuselages

About this Collection

The AXIS K-Series Fuselage is a 3D CNC cut anodized aluminium fuselage designed for the K-Series foils.

AXIS K-Series Fuselage Standard Length is 657mm

AXIS K-Series Fuselage Short Length is 626mm

Compatible with all the K-Series front and rear wings and S-Series rear wings

Available in multiple sizes for different types of riding. (the longer the fuselage the more stable the ride. The shorter the fuselage the looser and quicker the turning)

Also available, the AXIS Fuselage Mast Adapter, the “Doodad”. You DO NOT need this part when using the AXIS Foils Carbon Masts.

S-Series Fuselages for wingsurfing, SUP, surf, wake, pump, prone, windsurfing and downwinding are here.

AXIS Foils K-Series Fuselage