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High Aspect Carve

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1000, 900

HA 1000

The AXIS HA 1000 Carbon Front wing is the bigger brother of the AXIS HA 900 Carbon Front wing. Designed with Downwinding in mind, the HA 1000 has tremendous amount of glide, and only one speed setting - FAST. 

The HA 1000 wing also works well on fast riding smaller bumps, as well as windfoiling for heavier riders or lighter winds. 

Technical Data

  • WINGSPAN: 1000mm (39.5 inches)
  • MAX CHORD: 160mm
  • ACTUAL AREA 1388 square cm / 215 square inches
  • PROJECTED AREA: 1310 square cm / 203 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1904 cubic cm / 116 cubic inches

Recommended use:

Downwinding - High Performance / Pro / Lighter wind. SUP / Surf - High Performance / smaller waves. Windsurfing - Freeride / Easy ride

HA 900

The AXIS HA 900 Carbon Front wing is a higher aspect performance front wing for SUP, Surf, Wind, Downwind and Pump foiling. With a 1277cm2 surface this is very fast wing designed for the intermediate and advanced riders who are looking for stability in higher speeds. Also an amazing wing for wind foiling.

It will take a few sessions to get used to it, and when you do, you won't go back. 

Technical Data

  • WINGSPAN: 90 cm / 35.5 inches
  • MAX CHORD: 160mm
  • ACTUAL AREA: 1277 square cm / 198 square inches
  • PROJECTED AREA: 1184 square cm / 183 square inches
  • VOLUME: 1759 cubic cm / 107 cubic inches 

Recommended use:

Performance SUP, Downwind, SURF, Pump, Wind